Quoting Marcus Young <marcusy-at-ozemail-dot-com.au>:

> I'me not sure who else plays with magnifiers round here, so
> I thought I'de aim this one at you.

Fair enough, I am big target... :-)

> Have you ever tried an 'isolation driver' where the primary
> and secondary act as an iso transformer to stimulate the base
> of the tertiary coil. It seems to me that with a 1:1 setup
> a higher base-current could be applied, thus reducing
> the voltage and bringing the nodal-point of the sine wave
> closer to the base of the tertiary. 

This is basically how a Tesla Magnifier works. The
primary/secondary acts as a narrow band signal generator,
processing the line power into a high-voltage RF current which is
delivered to the base of a tuned 1/4 wave tertiary coil via RF
transmission line.

> Earth is still the 'true' nodal point as far as I can figure! 

What about the node on top of the 1/4 wave resonator? Does it not
count? There are nodes (though not so clearly defined) in

> I have considered a full -wave driver, but I wont go into 
> details now. :) (its different!) 

If you really look, you will find that either Tesla documented
your circuit along the way (most likely in the "Notes") or the
circuit will not function as anticipated. I have done my fair
share of fairly large scale and off-beat coil designs. The ones
that work are at least crudely documented by Tesla, the others
just don't work... Not to belittle you, more power to your spark!

> What do you think about the 1:1?

Do you mean aspect ratios? Ratios of turns (i.e. transformation
ratios)? If you could be a bit more specific it would help.

Richard Quick

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