single shot

	I have been thinking about the formation and maintainance of arcs 
from telsa coils. Do the long secondary arcs that I see from various people 
form in one ring-down time from the secondary, or are they formed from 
multiple ring-downs? 

	Has anyone ever done single-shot discharge experiments 
where the secondary is only allowed to ring-down once? To do this, I think 
one could charge the primary cap with a dc supply (a low current one would do) 
through a resistor. Anyone interested in a research project ?!

	Also, I know that the resistance  of an arc goes down with 
increasing current. So the voltage of the secondary should drop 
considerably after the arc forms. It would be intersting to get relative 
voltage readings pre and post arc. A scope probe placed far enough away in 
a non arcing direction might allow one to see this effect. 

-Ed Harris