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>Subject: New Builder
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>I have read all of the information in the FTP.FUNET.FI archive, and the 
>stuff on Bill Beaty's Hompages.  So, I have built myself a coil.  I 
>started out with an experimental system, consisting of the following:  A 
>two inch pvc pipe, about ten inches long.  I did not seal it.  I didn't 
>even count the number of turns on the secondary!  Anyway, I wrapped the 
>whole thing in tape, and wrapped a simple primary using some scrap 
>speaker wire I had hanging around.  For a supply, I used an old electric 
>fence transformer.  It already had a 3 KV capacitor connected to it.  I 
>used an old spark plug as the spark gap.  I was surprised when this poor 
>setup actually worked!  I have gotten HUGE 1" sparks from it (yes, I'm 
>being sarcastic).  Anyway,  I have since constructed a larger coil.
>My new coil features the following:  The secondary is wound on a 6 inch 
>PVC pipe.  The pipe was first coated with many coats of urethane.  I 
>wound it with 22 AWG magnet wire for a total winding length of 24 inches, 
>with 880 turns.  I then sealed it again to embed and protects the 
>windings.  The ends are capped with plexiglass, and I put on a metal 
>plate grounding terminal.  The design follow Richard Quicks instructions.
>My primary consists of 1/4 inch copper tubing, 14 turns, about 1/2 to 3/4 
>inch spacing between turns.  The tubing is wrapped in a helical design, 
>the sides at a 25 degree banking.  The tubind is resting of plexiglass 
>for insulation.
>My question now arise.  I don't know where to go from here.  I need to 
>construct sparkgaps, but I don't want to do this until I know my input 
>voltage.  Capacitors are also a problem.  Does anyone have any 
>suggestions or comments on my design?  Thanx for any advice you can give!


It sounds like you have a very good start.  If you are going to stay with
neon transformers for power, you will find the standard cylindrical spark gap
(find instructions to build at the funet site) will work very well.
 Capacitors are another question.  For best results you either need to build
2 of the rolled poly caps (to use in series) or buy a commercial capacitor.
 It sounds like some folks are having success with home made flat plate caps.
 You might ask for information on those.

Ed Sonderman