Re: Power curve

	Not sure if you are including this in your calculations
but if you make a "resonant charging" circuit such as you
describe rememb er that the voltage on the capacitor will
end up at TWICE the input DC voltage.  That assumes that when
the spark fires it discharges the capacitor to zero voltage.
Standard radar modulator circuit and has been built by the
millions.  However, wonder what you plan to use as a charging
choke that will withstand that much voltage?
	Seems to me the beauty of such an arrangement is that
you can make the spark frequency completely independent of the
power supply frequency (assuming you have a large enough filter
capacitor), and still get a nice regular series of sparks.  I
have been thinking of trying something like that here, just using
a half-wave doubler from each end of a 15 kv transformer, paralleling
the outputs to get around 18 kv DC, still average current limited
by the transformer reactance.  I have an old radar charging choke
which I think will take the voltage, but not sure.  
	If you ever try the experiment, please let us all know
the results.
Ed Phillips