Re: Building a coil

 Te> Hi Jeremy,
 >Just out of curiosity, what is the smallest coil, size or powerwise, that
 >anyone of you have worked with?

 Te> I started with a 3-1/2" secondary powered by a 6000 VAC, 138 Watt
 Te> transformer. 
 Te> Scott Myers

 MG> Hi Jeremy,

 MG> I built one a few years back, the secondary coil was 3/4" dia and about
 MG> 4" long, powered by a inverter using a couple transistors and a 
 MG> re-wound flyback core for a driver transformer, it ran about a 2"
 MG> discharge and the operating frequency was 3 mhz. It was written up in a
 MG> TCBA newsletter, but I don't remember which issue. If you want to know
 MG> let me know and I'll look it up.

... Alias, Mark the spark
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