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Re: Scott Myers Commercial Capacitor Deal

 >Here are the final details on the commercial pulse capacitors.

 >Manufacturer:  Condenser Products
 >Part number:  TC253-34-300  ("TC" stand for Tesla Coil)
 >Voltage:  20,000 AC RMS
 >Capacitance:  .025 uF, +/- 10%
 >Dimensions:  4-1/2" dia. x 13-1/2" long
 >End stud electrical connectors:  3/8"-16 x 1"
 >60 Hz, 120 PPS, 100 KHz-500 KHz ringing  (conservative figures)
 >Amps peak : 65,000
 >Max current (RMS): 120A-at-120 Hz, 100A-at-10KHz, 75A-at-100KHz,         
 >50A-at-500KHz, 42A-at-1MHz (limited by stud size)
 >Case material - thermoplastic tubing (PVC)  
 >Delivery 4-6 weeks
 >Warranty - 1 year, in writing
 >Now for the all important pricing.  $207.00 each, including     
 >**NOTE:  It MAY be possible to get the price down to $186.30    
 >each if we can get to a quantity of 10 pcs.  This will depend   
 >on how I will have them shipped. 

 JB> I am pretty sure I am interested. Not completly sure. I am   
 JB> going to talk to some people and find if anyone else is      
 JB> interested.


These caps are ideal for 1/4 wave Tesla coils with secondary
diameters in the 6 - 8 inch range. There is nothing better
available. These caps will come with a written warranty for use
in Tesla tank circuit applications. Don't let this deal pass you
by if you are even mildly interested.

Richard Quick

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