RE: My coil/Commercial caps

> Where do you live?  This list is a wealth of resources that you could
> take advantage of.  I or others could mail you some PVC pipe with
> ends.

	I didn't even think about mailing it. I live in Alamogordo, NM. 
100 miles from anywhere, six feet from hell (during the summer). I might 
consider doing that, since from what everyone has said, ya'll can get 
less than 20 ft lengths. Plus, all I can get here is sched 40, unless I'm 
willing to order like 100 ft of it.

	Even though I'm taking advantage of Scott Myers' terrific offer, 
I would still be interested in building some.


[ Heck,  I live in Colorado, I could just about throw a piece to you.
  I can get thin wall PVC by the foot.  Just let me know.