Re: Power curve

You wrote: 
>I remember building voltage doubler and tripler circuits when I was in the
>electronics business.  Like needing to produce 12v or 28v when only 5v was
>available.  We always had difficulty producing much current from this type of
>system - using only diodes and capacitors v.s. transformers.  Since Tesla
>coils need quite a bit of current to get fast charge times on the primary
>tank capacitor, how do you resolve this problem?

The two diodes from the transformer secondary charge a filter capacitor a few 
microfarads in value.  From that point, a charging inductor (several 
Henries) and series diode charge the TC tank capacitor.

>How much current are you able to get out of your high voltage doubler

I expect to get nearly the full transformer rating from the circuit.