Cylinder Gap Mods for 15

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> Richard, a quick question on the archive site cylindrical gap 
> design.


> I'll be running a 15 KV supply at 90 ma. initially in my new 
> coil, using one of the commercial caps that we recently 
> ordered.  I'd like to try out the cylinder gap design 
> initially, but noticed that the number of electrodes and gap 
> spacing is designed for a 6-8 KV system. I was wondering if any
> design modifications, particularly gap size, could be done 
> (short of building two units) which would allow 15 KV
> operation at 1.4 KVA.

This design is easily modified for various voltages and power
levels. The simplest modification for higher voltage applications
is to make the electrodes smaller in diameter, which means you
can fit more electrodes into the unit = greater number of gaps.
In order to sink the heat and distribute the ionized gasses
better when using electrodes of smaller diameter it helps to make
the electrodes twice as long, which means building the gap out of
a longer length of PVC pipe.

Another solution is to use larger diameter PVC pipe. This allows
the placement of additional copper pipe electrodes within the gap
without having to use smaller diameter material.

> Also, I was planning on using the surplus end from my 1/8" 
> wall, 6" diameter acrylic secondary form to build the gaps. I 
> have a 9" length left over from my 27" secondary form.  Aside 
> from the lack of UV protection, do you see any problems with 
> this.

None at all. If care is taken in the construction it could look
quite attractive as well as being exceptionally functional.

> Thanks once again for the help.  The secondary will be wound 
> after Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow (hopefully).  The pile of 
> parts in the workroom is growing steadily.  My wife smelled the
> ozone in the basement from the transformer tests the other 
> night, and gave me that "oh no, not again" look! 

HA! We have planned nearly identical activities for this block of
time. I think sometimes my wife wishes I would watch more

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