Re: Windings

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>I recently read in the pamphlet Tesla Coil, by Georger Trinkaus, that the 
>primary should be wound in the same directions as the secondary.  I built 
>my coil so the primary is wound opposite to the secondary.  During 
>construction, I looked at Chip A.'s coil pics and it appears that I built 
>mine the same as his.  The coil works off induction amplified by 
>resonance, so I don't really see why it should matter.  Would somebody 
>please tell me if I built mine right?  I sure hope I don't have to change 
>things around.  It would probably be easier to flip the secondary over 
>rather than unfasten the copper tubing of the primary.  What a pain.  I 
>sure hope I don't have to change anything!  


I wound my primary and secondary in the same direction.  I agree with you
that it should not make any difference.  I think the general consensus is
that it does not matter.

BTW, turning your secondary over won't change anything.  If it is wound
clockwise from one end, it will be the same when you turn it over.

Ed Sonderman