Re: Power curve

Re: MV voltage multipliers
	You can use them, provided you stay within the inverse
voltage rating.  Two problems:
1. The cost of the filament transformers will eat you alive.
2. You will need filament transformers with high enough insulation
   voltage to withstand the voltage they will see.  That leads you
   back to problem 1.
	I think it is much cheaper to use silicon diode stacks,
protected with shunt capacitors.
	By the way, many years ago I built a voltage multiplier
using hi-vacuum diodes with 2 volt storage batteries to solve the
problem of well-insulated filament transformers.  One night a
spark due to the high voltage ignited the hydrogen gas in one
of the cells, producing an explosion while voltage was on.  This
resulted in sulphuric acid distributed over the apparatus and also
over my folks' car, which was nearby.  On top of this, people came
running because they thought someone had shot me for disturbing
their radios! (This was about 2:00 AM)
Good luck,
Ed Phillips