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> I recently read in the pamphlet Tesla Coil, by George Trinkaus,
> that the primary should be wound in the same directions as the
> secondary.  I built my coil so the primary is wound opposite to
> the secondary. During construction, I looked at Chip A.'s coil
> pics and it appears that I built mine the same as his.  The 
> coil works off induction amplified by resonance, so I don't 
> really see why it should matter. Would somebody please tell me
> if I built mine right?  I sure hope I don't have to change  
> things around.  It would probably be easier to flip the 
> secondary over rather than unfasten the copper tubing of the
> primary.  What a pain.  I  sure hope I don't have to change 
> anything!

Not to worry. There is absolutely no difference in performance
that I have been able to detect with the coils opposite wound.

Richard Quick

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