Neon Tranformer bypass caps.

Quoting gcerny-at-ix-dot-netcom-dot-com (Glenn Cerny):
Subject: Neon Tranformer bypass caps.

> High Voltage Press was selling Sprague 40000mmfd-at-30kv doorknobs
> for 15.00 ea delivered.  I bought a couple for my bypass.
> Don't have the address handy, but it is in Richards source 
> list.

These caps really measure about .003 MFD -at- 30kvdc. They are
indeed excellent bypass caps when placed in series. Everything
from the rating to the dielectric all but scream: RF leakage...!

These are currently available from: High Voltage Press, 4326 S.E.
Woodstock, #489, Portland, OR  97206  USA   Tel: 503-775-3209
at $15.00 each delivered. I would call and ask about a quantity

The shame is I bought many of these caps for $8.00 each as
recently as last year... My the time flys.

Richard Quick

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