Re: single shot

eh>     Also, I know that the resistance  of an arc goes down with 
eh> increasing current. So the voltage of the secondary should drop 
eh> considerably after the arc forms. It would be intersting to get relative 
eh> voltage readings pre and post arc. A scope probe placed far enough away in 
eh> a non arcing direction might allow one to see this effect. 
MW>Done it, and yes. The better the spark, the quicker the oscillation
mw>dies. With a discharge rod positioned close enough to the terminal,
MW>the "feathers" disappear as the current flashes back and forth in
MW>a single discharge channel.
MW>    Loose pri-sec coupling means that the system cannot behave like
MW>a voltage source. IMO Vo must drop with loading.

Malcolm (or others)

Great! You would happen to have a digitizing scope would you? I'd love to 
see the waveforms.

Do you remember what kind of  relative secondary voltages you got for 
pre and post arc? I just interested in the ratio....

-Ed Harris