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Quoting Scott Myers <102505.61-at-COMPUSERVE.COM>:

> Ahh, the time is approaching to buy commercial capacitors.  
> I almost have the specs worked out with the manufacturers.  
> It looks like the specs are as follows:

> 20 KV RMS, .025 uF pulse discharge capacitor.  This is rated 
> for continuous duty.  I have hashed the rest of the details out
> with the engineers to make sure they will survive with a 15 KV
> transformer supplying voltage to the circuit. 

> Each company assures me that they will warranty them for 1 year
> from the purchase date.  They understand that it is a Tesla 
> tank circuit, pulsing can be as high as 1000 PPS. The price 
> will be between $200-$250 dollars, American :-), each.

> Now that I have spelled this out, how many people SERIOUSLY are
> interested in purchasing them?  I can't have anyone backing out
> at the last minute.  Let me know by Sunday night.

Count me in for one of these Scott. I can have a check to you on
11/10/95 to pre-pay in full. I would almost consider getting two
of these... But for me it would probably be overkill to drop
$500.00 in one plop: I already have .3 MFD total in 16 homemade
caps, .2 MFD in two commercial plastic film pulse caps, .1 MFD in
four micas (DC rated filter caps however:-() and .02 in various
PCB filled oil caps... 

The point is that if you are serious about Tesla coils you can
never really have enough high quality capacitance. If I could
justify dropping the second $250.00 I would pick up two of these.
If the price drops to $200.00 each with the quantity discount I
may well try to dive in at the last minute for two units. I am
firm on one unit at up to $250.00.

To the rest of you guys out there: I have dealt with Scott Myers
before. He is one of those unique people that you will hopefully
have the privilege to meet in your life (mostly through coiling)
that really enjoys helping the other guy as much as he looks out
for himself. He shopped and bargined hard last month to find
those Powerstats for us. Six of us knew what a great deal was
being offered and pre-paid. The deal went flawlessly. I have not
heard a single complaint from anyone who was involved in
purchasing the Powerstats; in fact I have heard nothing but
praise about the $900.00 deal. Scott did a fantastic job from the
price, all the way down to the packing and shipping. He has even
offered to go back to his supplier to purchase and ship the rest
of the stock for those who missed out the first time around.

Now Scott needs a high quality commercial capacitor (or two).
Once again he has shopped and bargined hard to get the best
possible deal on the best possible Tesla coil component. Those 
six among us who bought Powerstats should jump at the chance to
get the quantity discount on these most excellently (continuous
RMS input), pulse rated, HVAC capacitors, WITH WRITTEN WARRANTY
(unheard of in Tesla coil application...). If four more coilers
will jump on the bandwagon here, the discount will likely get
better and may well pay for the shipping costs.

If you have ever considered buying commercially made capacitors
that were rated for Tesla tank circuit applications, then I would
recommend this deal. These are the type caps to die for.

This deal will take a few weeks longer to complete than the
Powerstat deal; the capacitors will be custom constructed to fill
this order; but Scott can be trusted to see that this deal will
be concluded to everyone's complete satisfaction. And... You will
not find a better rated, better warrantied, Tesla cap anywhere.
The price will not be firm until the quantity discount and
shipping is negotiated. It will not exceed $250.00 and will
likely be closer to $200.00 if Scott gets orders for ten or more 
units. Even the most serious hobbiest would be very hard pressed
to construct a similar unit for $250.00 (not including the hours
and hours of time), and how many hobbiests have access to a clean
room for the final assembly? What about the warranty?

Contact Scott Myers <102505.61-at-COMPUSERVE.COM> and place your
order. Our money will be out for a few weeks while the capacitors
are constructed and shipped. None of the manufacturers would
consider this order unless it was placed pre-paid. Lead times are
generally four to six weeks from the manufacturer, then Scott
will have to re-pack and re-ship to us. 

Richard Quick

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  Date: 11-01-95  22:00
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    To: Richard Quick                            
  Subj: Re: Powerstats and smaller variacs
From: Scott Myers <102505.61-at-compuserve-dot-com>

To: Mark Napier <napier-at-cats.ucsc.edu>,
    Steven Roys <sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu>
    Tesla Group <tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com>, 
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Subject: Re: Powerstats and smaller variacs

Concerning Powerstats and smaller variacs;

To: Steven Roys, Mark Napier and everyone.

Steven Roys wrote;

> What are the specs on the larger 240V variacs you have access 
> to and what are the prices?

Mark Napier wrote;

> I am interested in one of those 1256D's.  Are there any
> more available and how much are they?  I must have missed the 
> original post on this opportunity. What is the amperage rating?

These are the units I supplied recently to several people here. 
There are a few left.  They are 240 VAC, 28 amperes continuous,
with control wheel, indicator and 0-100% scale.  Shipping weight
is around 80 lbs.  The price I charged was $150.00 each,
including shipping.

I was back there yesterday talking to them about the smaller
units.  The owner (who I dealt with originally) was not there. 
His assistant told me the owner was upset about my purchase of
the original units.  You would have to meet the owner.  He is
about 70 years old and gruff as they come.  Seems he is upset he
let 8 of them go so cheaply.  Seller's remorse, I guess.  The
assistant told me he often got this way after selling something
in quantity.  Anyway, his assistant tried to charge me $50.00 for
a 20 amp, 120 VAC unit.  At first he had said $30 was ok, then he
raised it!  He was even a little rude.  After getting, the big
ones so cheaply ($100), it was hard for me to swallow $50 for the
little one.  So, I didn't buy one.  I figured $30 would be a fair
price.  After all, they are old and used.  The guys that bought
the big ones from me received them in a somewhat "cleaned"
condition.  They were completely covered in dust and dirt when I
picked them up.  If these smaller units were cleaned up
completely and sitting on a shelf somewhere, they could command a
higher price.  But as it is, I have to wander for a while in an
old, unheated, dirty watehouse to find anything.  I them have to
clean anything that I buy before I can use it. 

For you guys that got in on the original purchase, consider
yourself lucky.

The bottom line is this; If you are interested in a large variac,
let me know. I'll see if he will let them go for the original
price.  If not, it may be more. Perhaps as much as $200, with
shipping.  They are over $700 new.  It is still a good deal, just
not as good as the first time around.

On the small 10, 20 and 30 amp variacs, how much do you guys see
them for at surplus stores, hamventions, etc.?  I don't want to
be taken in.  If $50 is a fair price, I'll hand it over.  If not,
I'll walk away.    Let me know.   Scott Myers

Richard Quick
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