Commercial Capacitors

Ahh, the time is approaching to buy commercial capacitors.  I almost have the
specs worked out with the manufacturers.  It looks like the specs are as

20 KV RMS, .025 uF pulse discharge capacitor.  This is rated for continuous
duty.  I have hashed the rest of the details out with the engineers to make sure
they will survive with a 15 KV transformer supplying voltage to the circuit.
There are 2 companies bidding on them.  I will have the quote by tomorrow,

Each company assures me that they will warranty them for 1 year from the
purchase date.  They understand that it is a Tesla tank circuit, pulsing can be
as high as 1000 PPS.  They also understand that this is a group purchase that
will go to several people.  The price will be between $200-$250 dollars,
American :-), each.

Now that I have spelled this out, how many people SERIOUSLY are interested in
purchasing them?  I can't have anyone backing out at the last minute.  Let me
know by Sunday night.

Scott Myers