Re: Power curve

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>The 25 feet was had with 18KV charging 0.2uf (too big).  I was also getting 
>1KW / foot efficiency up to about 25KW.  Above that, I was just melting
> The capacitor was made of two 0.1uf/35KVAC caps in parallel.  The power was

>fed across the gap.
>The coil is very large.  It is 4ft in diameter and 11ft tall (winding).  It
>wound with 5500ft of 14awg, 40KV silicone HV wire which had liquid silicone 
>being poured on it while winding (all very expensive).  The upper terminal
>a circle of seven 20in aluminum spheres forming a piecewise approximation of
>7 ft torus.  They connect via pipes to a central sphere.  The whole thing 
>stands 2 stories tall.  The coil with power supply live on an 18x8ft
>The coil assembly is raised hydraulically with an on-board gantry system and

>then the trailer is driven away.  Some day when I get a scanner, I'll post 
>some pictures of the beast.
>>I think you are correct, the only way to increase the output from my
>>system is by raising the input voltage.  This is difficult since I have a
>>14,400 volt pole pig and a 15,000 working voltage primary capacitor.
>You are up against the usual problem.


Sounds like a very impressive project.  I would like to see it run some day.
 Do you have any video?

Ed Sonderman