Re: single shot

You wrote: 

>	I have been thinking about the formation and maintainance of arcs 
>from telsa coils. Do the long secondary arcs that I see from various people 

>form in one ring-down time from the secondary, or are they formed from 
>multiple ring-downs? 

Definitely multiple ring-downs.  You can prove it for yourself very easily.  
Just tap your ZAP button for a brief instant.  You will get a little spark 
compared to when you hold it down.

>	Has anyone ever done single-shot discharge experiments 
>where the secondary is only allowed to ring-down once? To do this, I think 
>one could charge the primary cap with a dc supply (a low current one would 
>through a resistor. Anyone interested in a research project ?!

I've done this many times.  You get a spark about 1/10 as long as normal.