Re: Power curve

Hi all, Ed Phillips wrote....

> Malcom:
>     Not sure if you are including this in your calculations
> but if you make a "resonant charging" circuit such as you
> describe rememb er that the voltage on the capacitor will
> end up at TWICE the input DC voltage.  That assumes that when
> the spark fires it discharges the capacitor to zero voltage.

I think there MAY be an element of confusion here. The (1/2
wave?) voltage doubler is Mark Barton's solution - am I referring
to the right thing here Ed? I'm desparately trying to remember
anything I may have said along these lines.
I DO have a scheme for voltage doubling that is different. It is
based on my Marx generator variation. A two stage generator is
all it takes. Each capacitor has twice the required Cp. The
resistors are replaced by chokes. Either two static gaps are
used or it could be fired by 4 stationary (and spatially separated)
poles used in a rotary. This scheme needs NO rectifiers.
    Some resistive Q-damping of the inductors may be required. It
has not yet got past the conceptual stage as applied to TC's as
I'm sadly lacking capacitors and money at the mo. I have however
built and fired two 20+ stage DC run towers and the principle is
sound. In fact I reversed polarized the towers a couple of weekends
ago and fired them at each other in the garage. Hell of a shot
    Since the L-C values in such a setup can be made different in
the two towers, I'd consider a high-powered duo as a possible 
candidate for ball lightning production. As usual, I'm stymied
by real-life, money and time so haven't taken the concept further
at this stage.