Maxwell Labs & HVAC Caps

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 > Check out:  http://www.scubed-dot-com/mli.html
 > for some info on the high voltage caps that Maxwell Labs       
 > sells.

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 PF> Cool info but rather general and it all sounds quite         
 PF> expensive. It dosent sound like they have caps on the shelf  
 PF> but are happy to make one for you for a NASA like price.....


I have been in contact with Maxwell Labs. Maxwell, like NWL,
Plastic Caps. Inc., & Condenser Products, all get MilSpec orders
from Uncle Sam and major universities... Who else keeps these
businesses alive? Certainly it is not the Tesla Coil hobbiest!

Once in awhile you can find a surplus capacitor at Maxwell. If
they don't have a surplus unit that will work in a Tesla tank
circuit they will be happy to make you one. You will pay one-off
MilSpec prices, considerably more than the going rate. If you
find a surplus cap in stock at Maxwell, you may find a bargin.
You won't find ten surplus caps in stock. Period.

Richard Quick

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