Variable Speed AC Drive

I have been quoted a variable speed AC drive to use in a rotory spark gap.  This
is a Baldor industrial microprocessor control for use with a 3 Phase motor to
control motor speed.  With a standard 3450 RPM 3 phase motor and 240 VAC input,
I can acheive speeds of up to 7000 RPM.  You can use 240 single phase because
this unit converts it into pulse width modulated variable frequency on all three
legs of the motor, 120 degrees out of phase from one another.  It will give me
plenty of interesting fuctions.  A speed readout with LCD display is part of the
package.  Programming/Control is acheived via a keypad.  Control connections
include potentiometer control, 1 analog input, 2 programmable analog outputs,
forward and reverse run, jog, E-stop, acceleration select, etc., etc.  It is
capable of controlled acceleration.  I have also been told by the factory it
will not be harmed by RF.  It is highly programmable.  It is one interesting,and
attractive, controller.

Price with motor, $450. ( A special deal, for an old favor I did the salesman
long ago.)

I was considering using this.  I just want to know if anyone out here has used
anything similar.  The main reason I looked for this is because I wanted RPM
readout and controlled acceleration, without a tach generator for feedback.

Scott Myers