Secondary resonant frequency: using a signal generator

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I have this signal generator, a nice early seventies brick, $19.95 special.
Fresh out of the box, and all I had to do to make it work was solder some 
of the connections inside that the factory apparently....missed.(Really! 
it was suppposed to be new, never used before)
So I was wondering, how would one use such an item to find the resonant 
frequency of his secondary?  I thought about it and concluded that you'd 
never find the frequency which passed the most current because this 
finely engineered generator is not going to produce the same current at 
all frequencies...(Hey, it's a tube-type:) )
So what would one suggest I do, in terms of hooking this puppy up to a 
coil (or would one suggest that I scrap the idea and find someone with a 
digital generator -- and even if I did, how would I go about hooking it 
all up, eh?)

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