Quoting Steven Roys:

 SR> Well, I have (finally) finished cutting and grooving my      
 SR> plexiglass supports and I'm ready to put them on a base and  
 SR> wind the primary!  

Here! Here! Major step!

 SR> This brings up the question as to what to use for the base?  
 SR> I was planning on using 3/4" BC grade plywood, and I was     
 SR> wondering if this would be good (I wouldn't use any nails or 
 SR> screws, just epoxy) or whether it would be worth the extra   
 SR> expense to buy a 2.5' x 2.5' piece of plastic to mount the   
 SR> primary?  

Nahh. If the primary conductor is wound on plexi supports, it is
OK to use plywood for the base. I would try to be sure the
plywood is very dry (gently baked even) and then well sealed with
polyurethane or two-part epoxy paint to prevent moisture

 SR> God willing and the creek don't rise, 

Creeks are out the banks over here. Looks like a 100 year flood
right after the 500 year flood of 1993.

 SR> I should be testing my new coils at  1kVA in my basement,    
 SR> and around 2kVA in my garage (that's where I have the 220V I 
 SR> can get to) Real Soon Now!  I also have a lead on a surplus  
 SR> 15kV, 3kVA potential transformer, which will open up a whole 
 SR> new can of worms!

No doubt! If your potential transformer lead pans out, and if
there are any extras, count me in for one of these. I will pay
for the unit, a finders fee, and shipping.

Richard Quick

 Te> Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)

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