Re: Ball lightning

> I am also interested in ball lightning, and would be very keen to find 
> this TCBA reference that you were speaking of.

Vol 8#3 is the issue that has the article by the Corum's (titled "Tesla's 
Production of Electric Fireballs").   In it they describe how you can use 
a two coil system to create electric fireballs.  The article is (imho) 
well-written and they give a list of references if you want to find out 

The 1989/1990 double issue of the Tesla Memorial Society's "The 
Tesla Journal" also has an article by the Corums titled "High Voltage 
RF Ball Lightning Experiements and Electro-Chemical Fractal Clusters". 
 In it they postulate a possible mechanism for natural ball lightning.  
They also describe  their single coil setup (24" x 84" secondary, 2.4MV 
-at- 66kHz output) they used to generate their fireballs.  An extensive list 
of references is also included in this article.

The Corums' are (to the best of my knowledge) the most "scholarly" 
and well-respected investigators of Tesla technology, and I would think 
that anything from them would be well worth your time and effort to 
obtain if you're seriously interested in trying to understand what's 
going on.  A lot of their articles are technical, but not to the point that 
you need a PhD in physics to understand what they're saying.

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)