Possibly_too_late Video Alert

Last night i stumbled on a possibly interesting one shot on BRAVO
(US Cable (The Canadian Bravo runs a different schedule).  Buried in their
"South Bank Series" was a one hour show on the making of Kenneth Bramagh's
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

The relavance to the Tesla List is twofold, IMO.  Firstly they run clips of
all the prvious Frankenstein Movies, with all the machines.

More important (IMO) is that they discuss the state of the electrical art
in the early 1800s, AND the way information on it was spread shared.  Tesla
was the last, perhaps, of those who did "demonstration room science" for the
public.  This can look exceedingly odd to modern eyes.  But.  It Was The Norm
in the immediately preceding time, to have (say) Sir Humphrey Davy, or Lord
Rayleigh, or Volta or....  appearing, with equipment on the public stage,
doing live demos.  They (and Tesla) shared some of the status of rock stars.