Re: FAQ, take 1

< Faq removed >

In my opinion it's not logical to combine different files into one
huge on and call that "faq" - I'd rather say that the faq should contain
the basics of tesla-coils (aka 1/4 wave vs. 1/2 wave vs. magnifying 
transmitter, circuit diagrams) and some info about the components. And all 
further info would be just pointers to the actual files available from 
the ftp-site. 

This way the faq would contain the _essential_ basics and the details
would be available separately for those who need them. This is a 
common way of doing the thing - like in alt.drugs.. :)

I'd personally take Richard's writing about the basics, edit them a 
bit to take the essentials and add just a "on-line" reference-list
to the end of the file.. 

One chapter of the faq could be a short instruction about how to
get the further info either via ftp or via ftp-to-mail-gateway.. This
way all could easily access the files..

What do you think?  


  Kristian Ukkonen.

ps. I don't mean to flame Chip for doing the FAQ - no, these are just
my opinions about how I'd find the faq to be most useful for all..

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