still more Tesla...

Quoting Ryan Jester:

 RJ> Thanks for the info on primarys, I'm in the building phase   
 RJ> now, have the plans pretty much worked out.

Sounds great here too!
 RJ> Let me know when you would want to get that xfmr, $20 sounds 
 RJ> fine for me.  

Either in the afternoons between 4 - 6, or, before 10 am on
Saturday. How soon do you need it?

 RJ> I went up to Gateway electronics today and got some of that  
 RJ> 10 gauge DC distribution cable, that place would have to be  
 RJ> the coolest electronics place that I have been, be fun to go 
 RJ> in there with a wad of money.  

They have freed me up of several "wads".

 RJ> Hey, if I can do any kind of favor for you sometime just let 
 RJ> me know, you've  really been a help with all this. Thanks.

Hey, thanks! If I can think of something I will give you a call.

Richard Quick
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