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Quoting Ed Sonderman:

 ES> Last week we were discussing the commercial capacitor that I 
 ES> am ready to order.  I was looking for a .02mfd capacitor.    
 ES> You suggested I go for a .025 or maybe .030mfd.  I recently  
 ES> completed my new discharger (toroid) which is 33.0" in       
 ES> diameter and 5.0" thick.  With my existing .018mfd cap the   
 ES> coil tunes at 13.25 turns - out of 14 total. I am concerned  
 ES> that if I go to a .025 or .030mfd capacitor my tune point
 ES> will go past the maximum 14 turns on the primary.  Which     
 ES> means I will have to add more primary turns (difficult) or   
 ES> increase the size of the discharger.  Do you agree?  


 ES> Is the performance increase worth the effort? 

Yes, but there is another way to skin this cat. Repair the blown
cap. When you get to where you want to reconfigure your toriod to
drop the coil frequency a bit more (down the road a few months),
then place your two homemade caps in series with your .02 mfd
commercial cap. Everything will hold up, and you can then
experiment with close to .03 mfd total in the tank circuit.

Thinking about it, it sounds better, and less expensive.

Richard Quick

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