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Quoting Ed Sonderman:

 ES> I think you're telling me that I really don't have to make   
 ES> any changes to the circuit.  

Not to the tank circuit, no.

 ES> I take the neons out and wire up the pole transformer. The   
 ES> high voltage outputs still connect to the safety spark gap,  
 ES> the filter caps, through the RF inductors and to the tank    
 ES> circuit.  

So far, so good.

 ES> The center of the spark gap and the two filter caps still go 
 ES> to system RF ground.  

Here is where I would make a change. Leave the center post of the
safety gap grounded, but remove the center ground point from
between the bypass caps. I just put the bypass caps directly
across the HV bushings, and go not ground them.

 ES> How about the metal case of the pole transformer?  Do I
 ES> connect it to RF ground? 


 ES> BTW, I have a question about the tank circuit connections.   
 ES> I seem to have mine set up different than yours and other    
 ES> schematics I have seen. I have the tank capacitor and the    
 ES> primary of the coil in series with the spark gap connected   
 ES> across the outputs of the transformer.  I believe you have   
 ES> the spark gaps and the coil primary in series with the
 ES> capacitor across the transformer outputs.  Does it make any  
 ES> difference?

Yes, it does make some difference. Some tank circuits are
slightly better performers than others, others are harder on the
power supply and capacitors. I run my main system spark gaps
across the HV line, and place the cap(s) in series with the
primary coil. It is not that only circuit that will work well.
Tesla spent quite a bit of time testing and evaluating tank
circuit configurations in: THE COLORADO SPRINGS NOTES

Richard Quick

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