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> - APRIL 6, 1897
Nikola Tesla, 1897, (edited and prefaced by Leland I. Anderson)
published by Twenty First Century Books, 1994, Library of
Congress Card No.: 94-61004, ISBN 0-9636012-1-0 (hard cover) ISBN
0-9636012-7-X (soft cover), 123pp, $12.95 cover price. This is a
real gem. Tesla was the third speaker of the evening April 6. 
The hour grew late and the presentation was cut short. Leland
Anderson has retrieved the entire lecture as it was originally
written by Tesla, and has included the sections that Tesla had
determined not to present due to conflicts with pending patent
applications. The lecture covers coil construction (complete with
techniques, drawings, and photos), radio schematics, the AND
logic gate schematic (incredible), radio and X-Ray tube con-
struction and experiments. This is another overwhelming proof
that Tesla was at least a half a century ahead of his time. One
resonator schematic used for production of X-Rays was heralded
as a great improvement when it was re-invented 38 years later by
D. Sloan. This is no interpretation, this is the original work. 
Highly Recommended


Hope that answers your questions! It is a "must have" book for
anyone seriously interested in Tesla, and is the easiest to
follow of any Tesla lecture I have read. It is also the most

Richard Quick

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