Transformers & caps again

cc: Tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com


I found a friend who just retired from the local power company.  He gave me a
name to call and I'm trying to get a 5kva transformer.  It's called a
fourteen/four.  14,400 v in with 240v out.  Sounds just like what I need.

I called three commercial capacitor companies this morning.  If I have to
build two more caps, I figure I can spend $150 to $200 and come out just as
well.  Two of the companies are going to call me back.  Brian at CSI
Capacitors in San Marcos, CA said he has .02mfd pulse discharge capacitors
rated at 60kv DC that should work.  They are 3.0" in dia. and 16.0" long.
 The price is $400.00.  He says no guarantee when used in Tesla coil
applications.  Sounds like too much money to me.  60kv DC should be about
30kv AC.  Is this high enough for a 15kv transformer?

I'll keep you posted.     Ed Sonderman