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Well I dont know if the core insluation of the RG-8 is polyethelene, its
a soild white and somewhat stiff.  I did a test with my 12KV xfmr seeing
if the high voltage would jump through the insulation of the RG-8 but I
couldnt see anything with the eye (I wasnt holding it either) but I did
hear a distinct buzzing sound other than the normal xfmr sound so some
may have jumped through.  I did not use the outer wire for grounding
either.  I'm finished with the static gap, following your directions so
thats out of the way.
About that deal with the plexiglass for some polyethelene.  What dia. of
plexiglass (I'm assuming 8") and how long?  I will need enough poly for
two caps.  If your still ok about this deal let me know.
Ahh, one more thing before I get out of your hair, where did you get
your toroid for the discharger? Thanks and talk to ya later!

Ryan Jester
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