Polyurethane coatings...

Hey, Guys!

Just a quick note to say that one should NOT use water-based polyurethane
coatings for Tesla-coils. I recently (today) finished a 6" system a la RQ, and
I must say I expect it to perform wonderfully, as soon as I get all of the
WATER out of my secondary windings, if possible. I think I'll have to wind a
new one though...

Will post results when I get a good secondary. (What a bummer :)

btw-I have beefed up my ground a good bit: 3) 5' copper pipes pounded straight
into the ground, spaced 5' apart and connected by copper pipe 6" deep.

Also made a toroid out of aluminum dryer-duct (4" dia.) wrapped around a
14" hard-drive platter. This all is covered with aluminum tape. Really
looks great.

Thanks to all for the great advice!

Dan <klineda-at-univscvm.csd.scarolina.edu>