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I have made 5-6 telsa coils those things will kill you...

My friend had tons of stuff (electronic parts) let over from world war
II high voltage caps, etc..

I was out doors one day building a tesla coil using a .01 mfg 20KV
capacitor the tesla coil was only about 3 feet high 4" in diameter...

the thing was allowing me to stand more than 12-15" away with a
florescent light bright (man was I getting radiated)
then all of a sudden the cap. Exploded!!!! it sounded like a bomb went
off..... all the people in the neighborhood came out and everything...

had one that the wire around the coil started exploding and the tube
that the wire was wrapped around burn up (paper roll that cloth came on)

Also has anyone ever noticed WHY does the temperature drop tremendously
in a room when you run a TELSA COIL????

I had one running (me and 4 friends) on a hot august day in my shop the
thermos said 110 degrees... The tesla coil I had at the time was about
5' high and 6" in diameter with 6-  one foot x one foot sheets of glass
as the capacitor.... it was really putting the sparks out over 1 foot.
anyway . It had only been running for 15min.. one guy almost passed out
and fell on the floor.. then we all got dizzy and disoriented and went
out side..then the glass that was on the coil burned up turn to carcoil
or something high voltage burned through the glass (lead free glass
also, now..)
we went back in to cut it off and one guy noticed the temp was really
cool in the shop now the temp dropped down to about 79

outside temp 96 degrees...

If anyone gets sick from being around tesla coils to de-ionize your
clothes use johnson baby power lightly on them       ---------
then the free ions on you and in your hair bond with the talc power.

high tech high energy devices:::::

I was working with some chemicals : (can't spell, now..)

Zirconium, Ammonium NITRATE, oxidizers AND OTHERS.

Using a tesla coil to ignite these materials inside of a aluminum block
in the middle of a 1 acre field  . I also had a camera to take a picture
of the expulsion. the tesla coil had 2 wires in the center of the
aluminum block. I was standing

                           /\             /\
               Pine Trees-->   /\   /\          /\     /\   /\  /\ /\

                       |                 X  tesla coil & block
             building  | O\
                       |   O
                       | bicycle
                X   o
               me  camera

Anyway I had my finger on the button of the camera in one hand and a
button to turn on the tesla coil in the other hand.

PRESTO pressed them both at the same time..

This is the cool part now....

I took a picture before and after the explosion...
during the explosion  tremendous bright white at that area.
Now the wild thing is the camera took a picture through the wood wall
and you can see the pine trees threw the wall and I had a bicycle on the
other side of the wall and you can see the bicycle also...

I have let Nuclear Eng from NC STATE and specialist from the airlines in
the crash test and X-RAY specialist look at the picture...they can not
believe there eyes, and the bad thing is I don't write down exactly what
chemicals I used, but I only had 15-20 different ones that day.

remember: This is for information and educational use only...


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