Tesla Coil Project

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To Ed Sonderman:

I just looked over the photos you sent me of your Tesla coil. You
should be very, very, proud of this system. The design and con-
struction look rock solid. The fit 'n' finish is very impressive.

It is rare to see such a well polished and obviously highly
functional Tesla coil system come from someone who has only built
one previous Tesla project. Not only that, but the speed with
which you assembled this project can not be seen anywhere in the
photos I looked at: every section of this coil system was
obviously very well planned and carefully built. I could go on
and on about the system particulars:

The safety gaps look like museum quality work, as does your
primary coil form, and both the primary and secondary coil
windings. The wiring from one end to the other is very well 
layed out. You high-voltage buss board, RF chokes, coil controls,
literally everything has a very professional appearance.

My experience is that coil systems that are this well
constructed, using this school of design, offer unbeatable
performance for the system size and input power. With your
planned changes in your RF grounding system, larger toriod, and
more input power; this coil will really howl.

The only other advice I can offer is to raise the system up off
the floor a foot or so minimum. The steel rebar in the concrete
can short out the primary coil's magnetic field flux, reducing
the power delivered to the secondary.

Richard Quick

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