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Subject: Re: Capacitor order

"As I understand it, if you increase the capacitance, the inductance must
be decreased (all other things being constant).  This means that you will tap

the primary coil at a fewer number of turns.
I believe that the frequency equation is f = 1/((LC)**1/2) (that's 1/2 power,
or square root).  Therefore to maintain a constant f, LC must be constant."

Thanks for the wake up.  I admit to being lost in space.  Guess I had too
much fun this weekend.  I guess what I should say is today I am using a
.018mfd capacitor and a 33.0" discharger and the system tunes at 13.25 turns
on the primary.  I have found I get best performance when the optimal tune
point is in the 13 to 14 turn range.  If I use my old smaller toroid, it
tunes at 12 turns and I get much lower performance (shorter discharges) with
the same power in.  --So I am thinking if I buy a larger capacitor as you say
it will require less primary inductance so it will tune at say 12 turns again
then I will need to build another even larger discharger to drop the
frequency back so it will again tune at 13 to 14 turns.  I was wondering if
it is all worth while.

BTW the show Electric Skies on the Learning Channel last night was great.

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman