Capacitor order

cc: tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com


Last week we were discussing the commercial capacitor that I am ready to
order.  I was looking for a .02mfd capacitor.  You suggested I go for a .025
or maybe .030mfd.  I recently completed my new discharger (toroid) which is
33.0" in diameter and 5.0" thick.  With my existing .018mfd cap the coil
tunes at 13.25 turns - out of 14 total.    I am concerned that if I go to a
.025 or .030mfd capacitor my tune point will go past the maximum 14 turns on
the primary.  Which means I will have to add more primary turns (difficult)
or increase the size of the discharger.  Do you agree?  Is the performance
increase worth the effort?

Thanks,   Ed Sonderman