Capacitor ratings

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If I should decide to buy a commercial Tesla tank circuit capacitor, what
working voltage rating do I want to specify?  I might want to go up to 15kv
some day, maybe even 20kv.  At 15kv the peak voltage is about 21kv but I
would guess the voltage the capacitor actually sees is 2 or 3 times that.
 BTW, what am I likely to pay for a .02mfd capacitor like this?

If I am able to find a non shunted step up transformer, will I need to use a
current limiting system like I saw in your video?  I think you were using
part of an old AC arc welder.  Can you explain how this works.  You must be
limiting the primary current of your pole pig.  Why is this necessary?  Don't
you control its input voltage with your variac?

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman