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(writing badly again...)

>From:	CIMCAD::PIERSON      "I am the NRA"  3-MAR-1995 13:58:29.86

>Myself, i would not get litz wire, fearing that the small strands would be
>subject to corona losses.  Much rather have solid wire of equivalent copper,
>following the "use decent size seconday wire rule".  Litz wire should, due to
>the "internal" insulation, always have lower "linear packing density" (which i
>understand to bea good thing...) 

	Spoke badly.  Litz wire means lower linear packing density which is a
	BAD thing, that is, one wnats as much conductivitt per length of coil
	as possible.  Thats is: do not space wires.  Use good sized wire in
	secondary.  (not the #30 of my yout, years ago...).  Since Litz wire
	has insulatin interwoven among the strands, the coil will be longer for
	the same number of turns (assuming equal conductor area...)