Transformer connections

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ES> The article mentions connecting the primary and            ES> secondary
together at the ground point if the transformer ES> does not have a center
tapped ground.  We have discussed ES> this before and you reccommended
against it because of ES> the lethal potential of 60 cycle current in the
secondary. If ES> I change from neon transformer power to a pole
             ES> transformer how do I modify my circuit since I don't think
 ES> the pole transformer has a center tap on it's primary (our ES>

RQ> I am a little confused because of your wording, but the  RQ> wiring is
easy. The only time you HAVE to ground one side RQ> of the primary is if the
step-up xfrmr has only one         RQ> high-voltage bushing. Without a second
HV terminal to   RQ> work with, you have little choice but to ring the tank
   RQ> circuit off of the RF ground.

Sorry for the confusion.

RQ> The wiring differences on transformers without center RQ> taps really
only apply to the filtering and kickback        RQ> protection circuits. The
tank circuit wiring is not changed.

I think you're telling me that I really don't have to make any changes to the
circuit.  I take the neons out and wire up the pole transformer.  The high
voltage outputs still connect to the safety spark gap, the filter caps,
through the RF inductors and to the tank circuit.  The center of the spark
gap and the two filter caps still go to system RF ground.  How about the
metal case of the pole transformer?  Do I connect it to RF ground?

BTW, I have a question aboutthe tank circuit connections.  I seem to have
mine set up different than yours and other schematics I have seen.  I have
the tank capacitor and the primary of the coil in series with the spark gap
connected across the outputs of the transformer.  I believe you have the
spark gaps and the coil primary in series with the capacitor across the
transformer outputs.  Does it make any difference?

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman