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Quoting Ed Sonderman;

 ES> Richard,

 ES> You said your pole pig is a 10kva transformer, 22890 volts.  
 ES> If I understand this correctly if you input 41 amps at 240   
 ES> volts you should get 22890 volts out at .437 amps.  This     
 ES> looks like the same size transformer the power companies use 
 ES> to feed 1 or 2 houses.  I have a 400 amp service to my       
 ES> house. At 240 volts this is 96,000 watts.  That is 10 times  
 ES> the 10kva that your transformer is rated at - but it looks
 ES> like the same size transformer. 

 ES> What am I missing here?

Different internal construction, external cooling fins, etc..
My pig is mostly oil. Pigs designed to step down high voltages
are not built like a transformer that steps down a lower voltage
but handles more input current. I can pick my pig up and move it
without too much trouble.

Richard Quick

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