AC amp meters

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I finally found a source for reasonably priced AC amp meters.  Fair Radio
Sales in Lima,OH  phone 419-223-2196 - thanks to Joe Lisiewski for the tip.
 They have 0-20Amp for $9.00 and a 0-75Amp for $15.00 (I think I remember
that correctly, I didn't write that one down).

In the recent edition of TCBA News (volume 14, #2) on page 4 it shows using
an amp meter to tune a Tesla coil by placing it in series with the system RF
ground at the bottom of the coil.  Has anyone tried this?  What kind of
current readings can you expect?  Do I need a special high frequency meter
for this?  Since I don't want to be trying to read the meter with my head
right next to the coil, can you extend the ground wiring out a ways without
affecting the tune?

The article mentions connecting the primary and secondary together at the
ground point if the transformer does not have a center tapped ground.  We
have discussed this before and you reccommended against it because of the
lethal potential of 60 cycle current in the secondary.  If I change from neon
transformer power to a pole transformer how do I modify my circuit since I
don't think the pole transformer has a center tap on it's primary (our

Thanks,  Ed Sonderman