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You asked me the other day about sources of RG-213 polyethylene
core coax for HV connections to the Tesla tank circuit. I was
just puttering through some of my files and found this from Mark

> The Coax Connection: Joe Cassata, 10 S. Meadow lane        
> Naperville, Ill. 60564,  Phone# (708)-420-0342
Here is a good source for coax cable AND magnet wire. He carrys
in stock sizes from #22 gauge to #10 gauge, and can order other
sizes. He sells by the pound and his prices are decent. Good
quality stuff!            <Mark Graalman>

I am sure that if he has a roll of polyethylene core RG-213 coax
in stock, you can get 20 - 30 feet at a reasonable price.

BTW; Your new toriod sounds impressive! Once you get the system
powered up and tuned in I am sure you will have some results
worthy of posting us about! Keep your duty cycle low on those new
caps for a few more weeks yet. Even if no air bubbled out (which
shows a nice tight construction), it will take at least 4 - 6
weeks for the oil to work it's way to the middle of the roll.

Richard Quick
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