New toroid testing



I fired up my new 40.0" discharger last night.  The tune on the primary
changed from 11.75 turns to 13.0.  Looks like I still did not make it large
enough.  Maybe I will try the 33.0" toroid stacked on top of the new one.

It did make a major difference in power output.  I would guess that it is
putting out 20% more power.  This is with the same power in to the pig of
just under 4,000 watts.  I now get multiple, many forked simultaneous
discharges.  Very hot and very long.  I can't even tell you how long, I would
guess over 5.0 feet.  They are hitting everything in the basement.  Even the
wood floor joists have become an attractive target.  It is scary - I love it.
 Now I wonder if I will ever have the courage to run this thing at full

I think I have a problem which must be common to high power, large toroid
systems.  As I slowly increase power, the spark gaps finally start to fire,
then before the discharger breaks out a very strong blue corona builds up
from the top of the secondary down to the top of the primary - in the shape
of a christmas tree.  I used to think this was pretty.  Now, with the larger
discharger which requires more power to cause breakout, the corona gets so
intense that streamers start forming in the corona and I did see sparks
discharging on the secondary itselt from the top down to the bottom.  I am
concerned this will ruin my secondary.  Is this correct?  What can I do about
it?  Should I increase the variac voltage quickly through this area to
minimize the corona build-up and discharges?

Another happy coiler.   Ed Sonderman