Torroid mounting

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A response to your recently posted work on tesla coil construction part #4.
 Good discussion by the way.  Those are about the same instructions you gave
me and I have had exellent results.

I used the following method to mount my torroid.  On top of the secondary
plastic end plate, I glued a pvc end cap for 1.0" dia pvc pipe with the open
end up.  It helps to sand or turn it on a lathe to get it nice and flat.  Now
I insert a short piece of 1.0" dia pvc pipe of the height desired (I am using
about 6.0" now).  Do not glue it.  Then I take another end cap and flatten
the end off again and drill a 1/4" hole in it.  Then I insert a 1.0" long 1/4
x 20 nylon screw through the hole from the inside.  Place a piece of tape
over the head to hold it in place.  Now place this cap on the stand off pipe.
 My torroids all have a 1/4" dia hole drilled through the center.  I set the
torroid down over the screw, using a large nylon washer and tighten it down
with a
nylon wing nut.  I have the top 2.0" of the tail of the secondary wire
stripped bare and wound into a loop.  I place this over the screw before
sitting the torroid in place.  So it gets clamped into place when the wing
nut is tightened.  This achieves a mechanical and electrical connection at
the same time.  The end caps make it easy to change pipe lengths and the
attachment method allows easy changing of torroids.  Which I never thought
would be a problem but now I have three.

 I now wish I would have gone with 2.0" dia  pvc caps and pipe since my
dischargers have grown so large - for more stability.

I am just completing my newest torroid and should get it fired up tonight.
 It is again made of 5.0" dia corrugated black plastic drain pipe.  I used
about 9.5 feet of drain pipe and a 30" acrylic disc for the center.
 Finished, it is about 40.0" in diameter.

Ed Sonderman