Primary testing

cc: tesla-at-grendel.objinc-dot-com


Last night I tried tapping the inside primary coil at 2 turns and the outside
at 14 turns.  I still have an intense corona.  I am having 4  1.0" thick 8.0"
dia plastic discs made today and will try raising the secondary this weekend.

I changed back to the original configuration and ran the coil for about four
periods of 2 minutes each.  I had a guy over that does commercial video
shooting some film.  This should be interesting.  I had several intense hits
on an overhead copper water pipe in the basement.  Somehow this started my
dishwasher which ended up getting in an error mode that I could not reset.
 Turning it's power on and off fixed it.  This is the first time I have
screwed up something in the house.  I am rapidly running out of room in my

I still have the toroid mounted 9.0" above the secondary.  I did get one nice
hot discharge again from the top of the secondary to the botttom.  I had
previously wrapped a two inch strip of polyethylene around the top of the
coil to prevent this but with this much power it did not stop it.

I will try raising the secondary 4.0" before any more testing.  I am still
not sure how high the toroid should be mounted.  When I do get the secondary
up, am I likely to experience shorting between the ground lug on the bottom
over to the adjacent turns of the primary?  They will be only a couple of
inches apart.  Currently the ground lug is mounted down through the secondary
base and is actually under and in from turn one on the primary.

Ed Sonderman