Coil help

Hi, I just subscribed a few days ago because I have been interested in 
makeing a Tesla Coil, I have a few articles about them, but nothing about 
how to build them. Right now all I have are various lengths of 3/4" to 
12" PVC pipes, About a pound (one spool) of #28 AWG Belden W&C magnet 
wire, and a few pieces of cheapie rinky-dink test things. I have access 
to a mostly woodworking shop(no wood Lathe),an electic workbench with all 
sorts of tools,test equipment,bread board, wire... I do have a metal 
lathe, but it goes to fast to wind a good coil on.What I'm getting at Is 
I need some(alot)of info on building the coil, what other stuff I will 
need(besides a big coil)as far as other coils, circuts... Also, What the 
heck is a Torid? Thanks for any help I can get.