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Here is the index-file of nic :

<begin of 00README>

Contents of /pub/sci/electrical/tesla   (ftp.funet.fi)

Files about N. Tesla related subjects.

- caps1.txt.Z           document

A description of different di-electric materials and their
properties with some notes on the general aspects of
safety and tesla-coil building - including formulas. 
Posted by Richard Quick to fidonet.electronics.

- coilbld.zip           document with gif-graphics

A step-by-step instruction for the manufacture of high-Q 1/4-wave
secondary coils. Written by Richard Quick.

- keely.hvcap.zip       document

A description about the making of high-voltage capasitors
for tesla-coil use. Very descriptive. 
Originally from keely-net archives.

- keely.tesla.zip       documents

A series of IMHO fringe-type articles on Tesla-related things,
including descriptions of N. Tesla's life including the dates
of important happenigs of his life in Colorado Springs etc..
Originally from keely-net archives.

- keely.teslafe.zip     documents

A two file package of IMHO fringe-type articles about electrical
cars that could be done using Tesla-technology.
Originally from keely-net archives.

- pickup.txt.Z          document

A paper about the design and use of pick-up coils for finding 
rf-leaks and demonstrating wireless power transfer etc.
Written by Richard Quick.

- polymers.txt.Z        document

A compilation about the characteristics of various plastics usable
for hv insulation, di-electrics etc. 

- references.txt.Z      document

A list of various sources for information about Tesla related things.

- rotjit.exe.Z          executable for ms-dos
- rotjit.txt.Z          document

A program about time jitter in rotary-gap Tesla coils.
(c) 1991  Robert M. Jamison

- rqdocs.zip            documents with graphics

A compilation of Richard Quick's circuits and texts for both normal 
tesla-coils and magnifying transmitters. Includes gif-pictures of

- rqexps.txt.Z          document

Experiments with an electrical counterpoise and
the function of rf grounding in helical resonators.
Written by Richard Quick.

- rqmsgs.txt.Z          document

A compilarion of articles posted by Richard Quick and others
to fidonet-area electronics. This file contains a huge amount
of practical information about building tesla-coils - from
basics to magnifying transmitters.

- sparkgap.zip          documents with gif-graphics

Two designs of high-Q spark-gaps for tesla-coils by Richard Quick.

- sstesla.gif           graphics

A circuit diagram of a simple solid-state tesla-coil that uses
a flyback transformer. 

- sstesla2.gif          graphics

A circuit diagram of a more efficient solid-state tesla-coil than
the one above - uses a darlington-transistor based oscillator.

- tch.zip               executable for ms-dos

Tesla-coil helper calculates some parameters.

- tctime.zip            executables for ms-dos

Programs for the determination of different parameters of a tesla-coil.

- tesla.ps.Z            document in postscript-format

A booklet about tesla-coils in general, including formulas and
circuit diagrams for both solid-state and spark-gap driven systems.
Written by Harri Suomalainen.

- tesla.txt.Z           document

A comprehensive list of Tesla related references compiled by Richard Quick.

- teslabld.exe          document (zip-archive, self-extraction on ms-dos)

A do-it-yourself description of a very low-powered and simple solid-state
tesla-coil. Written by Steve Gantt.

- teslac.zip            executable for ms-dos

A program for the calculation of different aspects for a tesla-coil;
including self-made caps, toroids, transformer requirements etc.
Written by Mark Graalman.

- teslacal.bas.Z        source-code (qbasic)

A program for calculation of tesla-coil system parameters.

- teslacol.zip          executable for ms-dos

A program for calculation of tesla-coil system parameters.

- tesladp.zip           executable for ms-dos

A Tesla Coil Designer by Walt Noon. Shareware-version.

- teslarec.ps.Z         document in postscript-format

A booklet about the reconstruction of a medium-sized tesla-coil in 
the Arkansas State University. 

<end of 00README>

Here is the short index of pictures:

<begin of 00PICTURES>

Contents of /pub/sci/electrical/tesla/pictures   (ftp.funet.fi)

Pictures about N. Tesla related subjects. 

Each picture has a .doc file that describes the contents.

- bipole2.gif   arcs and sparks

This 800x600 scan shows a rough looking Tesla workstation set up
with a bi-polar coil. 

- rq_*.gif      arcs and sparks

Series of files scanned by Richard Quick from his archives. Each
picture includes further info in a rq_*.doc file. All these pictures
are available both in 800*600 and 1024*768, 256 colours. 

< end of 00PICTURES >

I have already put the pictures up to M to the site..


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