Re: Tesla Capacitors

Ed, I am running a rolled cap with 120ma from neons also.  The roll 
soaked for two months while I finished everything else.  I usually
only run for a few minutes at the most right now.  I'm afraid the
cap is going to burn out and I don't have a backup. Still, it is
performing rather well.  I'm up to 32" discharges with no problems
other than the room is getting to small for the both of us.

I'm seriously considering buying one of those caps that you had built.
Can you send me the information I need to communicate what I want. I 
need to build some more rolled ones as well, but I have to buy more 
materials for that.  It would be nice to have a cap that I don't have
to worry about to much. Now that I have this coil running I would hate 
to have it break down.


Mark R. Napier