Re: Tesla Ground 2/2

> At the bottom of the foundation trench I unrolled about forty
> feet of aluminum flashing.

We are having an in-ground pool installed Real Soon Now, and I had 
been thinking about the best way for me to use this to get a decent RF 
ground good for multi-kVA experimentation installed.  I thought about 
laying down aluminum flashing like you did, but I didn't think that the 
current-carrying aluminum would last very long buried in the ground?  
The other thing that I thought about was using the actual pool as part of 
the RF ground. The pool is a steel-wall pool with a heavy-duty, 
multi-layer epoxy coating on the steel panels, so do you think that this 
would be a worthwhile thing to do, or would it be a waste of time (since 
the metal of the pool wall would be insulated from the dirt by the epoxy 
coating) or possibly even dangerous to people in the pool or 
detrimental to the pump or the pool light or whatever else we have that 
will be attached to the pool (note that I'm worrying about my planned 
pole-pig adventures, not the 2kVA ganged neon sign driven coils that 
I'm working on now).

Steven Roys (sroys-at-radiology.ab.umd.edu)